Romance, Erotic Romance, Erotica, or Porn?

Romance, Erotic Romance, Erotica or Porn—isn’t it all the same?
Maybe you have asked yourself that question when being faced with well-organized bookstores, well-versed readers, authors or publishers.

The short answer is, no, it isn’t.

The Mystery of the Female Orgasm

Let’s face it, folks, practically speaking, the female orgasm serves no purpose. Sure, it feels amazing, and it certainly makes sex a lot more enjoyable, but essentially it doesn’t play an important role in the reproductive process like the male orgasm.

In a recently published article, two researchers postulate, based on observations of other mammals, that the female orgasm might have once played a crucial role in procreation.

Pain or Power?

So you’re writing D/s romance? Isn’t that BDSM? Why don’t you label it BDSM?

Some people have asked me that question when looking at my website and reading that I classify my romances as D/s romances instead of BDSM. And since understanding of BDSM is still very superficial in the general population, I want to dedicate this first blogpost to explaining the difference and why I chose not to label my romances BDSM.

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