Kimberley Jackson Books - The Slave's Secret

The Slave's Secret


“Become my pleasure slave.”

The moment the handsome new Prefect Marcus utters these words, Samara knows that she’s in trouble. His offer tempts her, but it might also compromise her efforts to buy herself out of slavery. Can she trust him enough to accept the deal he’s making her?

Genres: Erotic Romance, D/s Romance, Historical D/s Romance
Length: 430 Pages
Publisher: Kimberley Jackson
Publication Year: 2018

Kimberley Jackson Books - Stargate Aschen (Freebie)

Stargate Aschen


When 25-year-old Samantha Carter learns that she’s one of only a few remaining fertile people on Earth, she knows her life is about to take a turn for the worse. She runs away from home to search for the resistance who seeks to liberate Earth from the alien race oppressing humans.

Genres: Science Fiction, Romance, Erotic Romance, Dystopia
Length: 1200 Pages
Publisher: Kimberley Jackson
Publication Year: 2014-2015